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Fender Princeton Chorus 51W Compact Guitar Amplifier A small sturdy and versatile solid state amp.   Acoustic 450 - Vintage 170W Guitar / Bass Amplifier Head A sturdy workhorse solid state amp that still performs after years.   Behringer Ultrabass BXL1800A 180W Bass Guitar Amplifier A better than expected compact bass amp.

Maton Guitars:
Maton EM125C - 6 String Acoustic Guitar - Review and Description A well made and great sounding Acoustic guitar that upholds the Maton tradition of superior guitar building craftsmanship.   Maton Mastersound MS500 - 6 String Electric Guitar - Review and Description A classic well crafted and versatile Electric Guitar.   Aspen AD25 6 String Acoustic Guitar - Review and Description A 1970's gem of a budget guitar. Yamaha FG-410-12A 12 String Acoustic - Review and Description A perhaps underrated 12 string from Yamaha.

The Chronicles of Zoom:
ZOOM GFX-707 - Review and Description, ZOOM 707 II - Review and Description &. ZOOM BFX-708 - Bass Guitar Multi Effects Pedal Review and Description. Surprisingly versatile year 2000 era Guitar/Bass Multi Effects processors with some great sounds. ZOOM G9.2tt - Guitar Effects Console Review and Description - awesome.

ROLAND U-220 - Vintage Sound / Synthesizer Module - Review and Description A powerful Roland sound module from the 1980's, with an expandable Tone set using SN-U110 and SN-MV30-S1 Series PCM Cards.

Capabilities of the CASIO WK-7500 Workstation Keyboard A must-read if you are thinking of buying a WK 7500/7600.

Presonus Eris E5 Powered Monitor Speakers Compact, clear, affordable studio quality.
Vonyx (Skytec) SPJ-1000A Active 10 Inch Speaker Lightweight, compact, balanced tone, affordable small venue PA.

Things are rarely as simple as we'd like them to be. Fortunately, most of the things we want to do have been done before, so there is someone out there who has already worked it out.

This page is a collection of Off-The-Grid Home Recording Studio solutions in the form of Electronic Projects, Recording Tips and Tricks, along with some general How-To information of a more Project-Based and Technical nature. If what you are looking for hasn't made it onto this page, try the Resources section for links to useful material elsewhere on the Internet.

130210 Multi-purpose 12V Car Battery Power Supply for Home Studio Recording Gear Pt1
This is a useful project if you are fed-up with mains noise in your recordings. This can work regardless of whether you are recording on or off the grid. More detail on the actual construction will come at a later date.

130326 Multi-purpose 12V Car Battery Power Supply for Home Studio Recording Gear Pt2
The parts list for the Multi-purpose 12V Car Battery Power Supply.

130307 Making your own MIDI Guitar Synthesizer - Part 1
How to turn your guitar into a synthesizer without going broke.

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