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A Multi-track Technique for Recording an Acoustic/Electric Instruments

Recording Acoustic Guitar Strategies - Part 1
Recording an Acoustic/Electric Guitar:
 Maton Acoustic EM125C 
 With added custom pickup
This approach can be employed for all acoustic instruments with active circuitry and/or pickups

This article assumes that you have an acoustic guitar with a built-in preamp or pickup of some type, that can plug into a guitar effects unit. The aim is to get the most out of your recording in one take, while allowing for multiple options when the time comes to do a final mix. The process is quite simple and relatively easy to set up. The result will be a total of five tracks recorded from a single take.

In summary we will be recording:
  1. A pair of microphones to capture a stereo image of your acoustic guitar's natural sound
  2. A dry mono signal (nice and clean with no effects),
  3. Another stereo signal through an effects pedal (with chorus, delay, reverb, etc.).

The provided diagrom shows the basic layout (the cable colours used are just to make the diagram easier to understand). A larger version of the diagram can be obtained by clicking on the image below. Another browser window will open displaying a larger JPEG file which you may print and/or save to your computer. Please respect the copyright.

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 Recording Acoustic Guitar Strategies Part 1

It's always nice to have options, and that is the underlying point of this excercise. So here are the details ...

It is recomended that stereo signals (microphones and wet effects out) are recorded to stereo tracks. This will greatly simplify any EQ (Equaliser) settings or other signal processing made during the final mix-down, since you can effect both the Left and Right channels simultaneously.

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