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Home Studio Music Recording Resources & Links
Home Studio Music Recording Resources & Links

This page provides some useful resources for Home Music Studio Recording and Off-The-Grid Recording Studios. The included resources are provided 'as-is' and their inclusion does not mean that we endorse the respective web site, products or philosophies of the external information providers.

If you happen know of a relevant web site, some exceptional equipment, or use some software that you would like to recommend ... feel free to pop over to the contact page and drop me a note.

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The Value of Understanding Specifications
Much (in some cases most) of what you will read about NEW music recording gear (whether it be hardware or software) will inevitably be 'marketing hype'. The aim of which is to convince you (the buyer) that the new Ultra-Gizmo-Super-Device (a.k.a. the product) is the best invention since sliced bread.

The reality will be that it's just another product where the real capabilities have been exaggerated and the failings and/or limitations conveniently not mentioned. This is where an understanding of 'Specifications' can save you a lot of time, money and possibly grief.

Unfortunately recording equipment specifications tend to be of a technical nature and require at least a basic understanding of Electronics (perhaps some physics and their related terminology). Though this may be at odds with the 'creative / artistic' nature of many musicians ... if you really want to have your own Home Music Recording Studio ... suck it up and start learning - now!

       provide some great reference material to help you make sense of professional audio specifications.

Home Recording Studios

Recording Gear and Equipment

Please visit Kieth's web site for in-depth info on the Roland U-20 Keyboard, patches and more.

Software Resources (MIDI)
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Freebies versus Licensed Software
Like everyone (I guess), I don't mind a 'Freebie'. That said however, you can end up wasting an amazing amount of time (and ultimately money) stuffing around with Freebies, when paying for a piece of well coded commercial software would have got you what you wanted straight up (That's not to say there isn't some fairly poor commercial software out there).

And please ... if you do find a real 'Freebie' that works, doesn't crash and serves your needs ... send the author/programmer a thankyou email or maybe a small PayPal donation. It will be appreciated.

Only software that has been evaluated as 'worth having' will be listed on this web site. Most of it is commercial ... the majority of Freebies that were examined and tried out were ... well ... essentially crap.

       (by Tobias Erichsen) is a free software utility for connecting other MIDI programs together as if they were physical devices.

       is a software solution to allow an electric guitar to control a synthesizer. Using LoopMIDI the output from MIDI Guitar can be ported to other programs.

       can be used to create, edit, record complex multi-track MIDI songs and print the resulting score as sheet music.


is a powerful MIDI based Drum & Rhythm Track creation software.

D.I.Y. Home Music Recording Projects and Ideas

D.I.Y. Guitar Effects


Other Interesting Music Resources

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